We Are a 07/02 dealer in firearms if you would like purchase a firearm or ammunition contact us.


Firearms can be purchased online just like any other product. The only difference is that all firearms must be shipped to a federally licensed dealer (FFL) for you to pick up. Age restrictions do apply and vary by state. You are responsible for knowing the age restrictions of your state.

The background check is conducted by the receiving FFL dealer and completed by you, the actual buyer/transferee.

You must contact the receiving FFL dealer of your choice to make them aware of the transfer. It is recommended that you inquire about any possible transfer fees they may charge.

You must be aware of all rules and regulations of your jurisdiction, including all local, state, and/or Federal laws that may restrict you from owning and/or purchasing items listed for sale.

2ND Amendment Defense Kydex Holster LLC  is not responsible if you order an item that is not legal in your state or legal for you to posses. If an item is not legal for you to own and/or possess, 2ND Amendment Defense Kydex Holster LLC  will NOT issue a refund for the item(s).

Right of Refusal

2ND Amendment Defense Kydex Holster LLC retains the right to refuse the sale or transfer of a firearm to anyone based on “gut feeling” or instinct. 2ND Amendment Defense Kydex Holster LLC   will not discriminate based on any of the federally protected characteristics. Situations may include, but are not limited to, a feeling that the purchaser may be intending to commit a crime, do harm to his or herself or other persons, or is purchasing a firearm on behalf of any other individual (commonly known as a straw sale). Any behavior deemed suspicious by 2ND Amendment Defense Kydex Holster LLC shall be grounds for refusal of sale.


Transfers of firearms shall be priced as listed below. Pricing is based on a per appointment basis. Multiple appointments do not qualify for incremental pricing.

Long guns, handguns, and firearms cost $30.00 for the first transfer and an additional $10.00 per firearm transferred at the same appointment.

NFA transfers cost $150.00 per transfer.